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Praise for Dr. Akhtar Purvez: Transforming Lives Through Pain Management

Managing Chronic Pain in an Age of Addiction

A pain specialist practitioner and advocate for careful pain control describes opioid use within the larger context of pain management modalities. This solid introduction is written in layperson's terms, couched in a self-help-style book, detailing alternative pain relief options. 

-- Library Journal

This groundbreaking book is a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing chronic pain. Chronic pain is a complex condition, but Akhtar Purvez offers a multi-dimensional approach to treatment so that doctors and patients can find the right combination of modalities in order to preserve quality of life as much as possible. The book is written in an easy-to-understand, conversational style, so it is not just for medical professionals. It is essential reading for anyone whose life is touched by chronic pain—from sufferers themselves, to the doctors who treat them, to those who care for them.

-- Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers (2nd edition, 2018) and How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide (2015)

Perhaps the two most important qualities of a pain doctor are knowledge and compassion. Akhtar Purvez has written a book that is very rich in both. I recommend this book to anyone living with pain, or professionals who work with others in pain. It is an important book at this crucial time when new methods for managing pain are urgently needed if we are to overcome the opioid addiction crisis besetting many of our health care systems.

-- Vidyamala Burch, co-author of You Are Not Your Pain and founder of Breathworks

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The Brain Behind Pain: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

Pain physician Purvez (Managing Chronic Pain in an Age of Addiction) paints a comprehensive picture of the connection between the brain and pain. Purvez has treated patients with chronic pain for more than 20 years and shares his expertise in an accessible and engaging way. Purvez argues that people’s individual responses to pain-management treatments vary significantly, as do individual genetics, thus Western medicine’s current one-treatment-fits-all approach to pain doesn’t work. He’s hopeful that new research will enable people with chronic pain to receive individualized treatment plans and effective therapies that are less addictive than current narcotic drugs. Purvez’s book also contextualizes the issue of pain management by examining humanity’s historical and contemporary understandings of physical pain and analyzing the present-day pain management culture in Western medicine…. Backed by research, which is cited in a comprehensive bibliography, Purvez’s book is highly recommended for clinicians seeking to better understand how to help their patients and for general readers whose own lives have been impacted by pain.

-- Library Journal, Starred Review

The Brain Behind Pain by Akhtar Purvez is a fascinating treatise on the brain and pain that will keep you engaged for hours!

-- David S. Younger, MD, DrPH, MPH, MS, Author of The Autoimmune Brain

From his firm foundation in the history of “humanity’s battle against pain,” Dr. Purvez leads us through the maze of facts, fiction, trials and tragedies that comprise our present day universe of pain. The Brain Behind Pain wisely avoids “one size fits all” prescriptions, offering instead a fascinating exploration of pain from biological, psychosocial and epidemiological perspectives.

-- Rowland G. Hazard, MD, FACP, professor emeritus at Dartmouth Medical School, author of Talking Back

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