The Brain Behind Pain: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

The Brain Behind Pain: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

Explores the important role of the brain in both the experience of pain and its resolution.

Pain is a product of the brain, which announces it after being warned by a small army of nociceptors stationed throughout the body, always on alert for any threat to the overall system. But there can be glitches in that process. Chronic pain often occurs when the brain "remembers" pain, even though the condition that caused it may have been dealt with and resolved. Still, pain is misunderstood by many, including both sufferers and the physicians they seek out to treat it. In recent years, though, new light has been shed on just what causes pain, how it is experienced in the body, how it can go haywire, and how it can be resolved. Pain may no longer be just a symptom of some other malady.

Here, Dr. Akhtar Purvez, a seasoned physician dedicated to the study and treatment of pain, offers a comprehensive view of how chronic pain is felt, transmitted, and modified by the nerves and the brain. He explores the interplay of the physiological, anatomical, and emotional aspects of pain in addition to the mental health aspects, cultural differences, and the role of addiction in pain sufferers. Alongside this enlightening overview, Dr. Purvez provides hope to readers as he details ways of treating pain and the new approaches that are becoming available. We all experience physical pain at some point in our lives, but no longer does it have to rule our lives or impact our functioning or overall wellness if we can find the right ways to understand and treat it. This work is the starting point.


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